“...being involved with your organization has been a blessing beyond any I could have imagined.
Words can’t express what you have done for me and my family.” - Aleta

Board of Directors

Tracey Hartman, President

Sally Baughman, Vice-President, Fundraising

Melissa Kentner and Judy Watson, Vice-Presidents, Scholarship

Pat Kriss, Treasurer

Cindy McQuade, Assistant Treasurer

Paula Baur, Secretary

Clare Anderson, Nancy Haller, and Mary Jensen, Volunteer Coordinators

Stephanie Cassini

Barb Deering

Jenifer Grilliot

Janet Henry

Bethany Kravitz

Greta Markowicz

Kris Pellissier

Joann Rosenberg

Susan Voorhees-Murphy

Going, Going, Gone
Virtual Auction
October 5-11, 2020

SOS POPS the Cork!
Wine tasting, games, and prizes
TBD 2021

New Directions Career Center